Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Decorating and Memories

As I am typing, Peanut and Button are decorating the rather misshapen tree.  The traditional Christmas music is playing thanks to Pandora, and the lights are sparkling.  Decorating the tree has always been a joint affair with myself organizing and the boys adding things at random, only for me to secretly rearrange everything that evening one they were in bed.  

This year, both boys are in charge.  Right now, there is a red and silver theme emerging.  Red and silver horizontal stripes to be precise!  Once layer red tinsel and balls, the next layer is silver tinsel and balls and so on up the tree!!!  Add to that, both boys are bickering and taunting one another as The Nutcracker plays and Howard Stern seems to blast forth from the kitchen where Hubby is cooking dinner.  There is a decidedly new feel to this traditional moment.  Oh, Peanut just asked Button why he just flicked his butt???    Lovely!

And yet, as we discover our treasured ornaments and school-made creations that adorn our tree, we all take a moment to look back and cherish our past memories.  Happy moments and joys.  Seeing my teenager and tween get all sentimental over this makes my heart fill with joy.  Traditions are important to them, as important as passing them down is to me.