Friday, January 23, 2015

Home Office Makeover - Part Two - My Creative Space

shelve organization

So here it is...the big reveal!  For those that just found my little blog, read here to get the back story (with horrific photos of the before).  I am now a happy crafter and creator of beautiful jewelry.  I am now able to breathe, I am now....back to the way I should be!

My initial inspiration for the minimalist 'white walls' look came from a couple of places.  I spotted this Pottery Barn wall and fell in love with the organization.  The white walls created clean lines and I saw the details in the photo.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Office Makeover - A Space of My Own - Part One

Painting the office white

New Year came and went and I managed to avoid making any crazy resolutions I knew I would not be able to keep.  I did manage to have a completely mad moment and decide (on New Year's Eve) to completely redecorate my little dumping ground that was supposed to be the office.   As you can see, it most definitely was NOT a place of creativity, productivity, or meditation.

Hoarding Junk in Office

That's just not a space one can be creative in!!!! 

So I toddled off to the local DIY store and stocked up on supplies to transform my space into a sanctuary for creativity and self expression.  My chosen color...bright white.  The reason for this choice is so I have a completely blank canvas from which to work.  I can display my jewelry, add pops of color, change the mood with accessories, etc.  I want FREEDOM from any constraints, and white spoke to me.  I began a Pinterest board with ideas for my new office and just loved all the 'white with color' ideas.