Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Office Makeover - A Space of My Own - Part One

Painting the office white

New Year came and went and I managed to avoid making any crazy resolutions I knew I would not be able to keep.  I did manage to have a completely mad moment and decide (on New Year's Eve) to completely redecorate my little dumping ground that was supposed to be the office.   As you can see, it most definitely was NOT a place of creativity, productivity, or meditation.

Hoarding Junk in Office

That's just not a space one can be creative in!!!! 

So I toddled off to the local DIY store and stocked up on supplies to transform my space into a sanctuary for creativity and self expression.  My chosen color...bright white.  The reason for this choice is so I have a completely blank canvas from which to work.  I can display my jewelry, add pops of color, change the mood with accessories, etc.  I want FREEDOM from any constraints, and white spoke to me.  I began a Pinterest board with ideas for my new office and just loved all the 'white with color' ideas.

New Year's Day was spent clearing the room and prepping before applying the first two coats of paint.  I can't believe I literally spent all day doing it.  But I was a woman on a mission, and I was rocking' the painting gear with Pandora Radio blasting through the air.  

Office makeover

I did have some help...for a short while...

Office decorating

By the end of the day I had accomplished a great deal and my room was starting to look like the idea in my head...a little anyway.  I stored my supplies carefully by wrapping my brushes and rollers in plastic food wrap to stop them drying our without the extra effort of cleaning them completely before putting them away (this only works if you are planning to paint again the next day).  

The family settles down to a fun game of Monopoly and Chinese food (I was too tired to cook).  I was a happy mommy, if a little tired.  

Day two began with a final coat of bright white paint and then I moved on to the trim.  I have to confess, I am not planning on a complete ceiling makeover unless absolutely forced to....and then I will be a little sulky as I hate doing ceilings!  

The bookshelves were a real challenge.  Made of stained wood and cheap backboard, I was not sure whether or not to paint them.  

painting wooden shelves

I ended up taking the plunge and painting the whole thing white.  I could not have been happier.  I love natural wood but look I wanted really didn't match the overly varnished and mostly damaged planks on this piece.  

Over the next two days I applied base coat and a number of semi-gloss coats to the shelves.  It was a true labor of love as the darn thing was a beast to get even.  I quickly learned to shorten my strokes and be patient as each layer dried thorougly.  Patience is not my strongest point and I rushed one layer with disasterous effects!  

As I type now, I am seated at my white desk (thanks Target), with my white walls and white shelves.  My carpet is in need of replacement...that will come in time...and my mind is relaxed and happy in my beautiful new space.  What?  Oh, you want to see it.  Okay...check out my revamped creative space here!