Friday, January 23, 2015

Home Office Makeover - Part Two - My Creative Space

shelve organization

So here it is...the big reveal!  For those that just found my little blog, read here to get the back story (with horrific photos of the before).  I am now a happy crafter and creator of beautiful jewelry.  I am now able to breathe, I am now....back to the way I should be!

My initial inspiration for the minimalist 'white walls' look came from a couple of places.  I spotted this Pottery Barn wall and fell in love with the organization.  The white walls created clean lines and I saw the details in the photo.

home office

I also love how my jewelry looks with a white background.  My new space was supposed to be somewhere I could display my jewelry, as well as an area to create pieces and find inspiration.    I found some great frames at Home Goods and stripped the back and glass completely.  I hung the frame and then added white hooks, the kind that stick to the wall, so my jewelry could be added.

Wall display

I then found this lovely burlap pin board at HomeGoods for a steal and panned to create a farm for it. However, after playing with jewelry displays for a while, I decided less was more...the them of the whole room, it seams, and my jewelry was allowed to take center stage.  

design studio

Best of all, I can pull this display off the wall and use it at the craft's going to be super easy and a great addition to my store's display!  

The shelves being painted white made the whole room feel so much larger and brighter.  I was able to arrange my boxes of beads, findings and accessories all within arms reach of my crafting desk.  This left room for my laptop to sit on the desk's top shelf as I craft...I play my music through it which always keeps me going.  
white shelf organization

My favorite colors pop against the white background, creating a sense of color without overpowering the room.  I still have space to add more jewelry displays too...stay tuned for posts about that!

white shelves

So my little sanctuary is coming together.  The boxes are mainly from Target and HomeGoods.  The bead organizers are form Michaels.  The white desk and matching chair are also from Target.  All in all, I would say my room makeover cost me less than $300 including paint and furniture.  Not bad for my little jewelry business!
Let me know what you think.  What else should I do with my room?