Friday, August 1, 2014

Get ready for September with Summer into Fall Bracelets

I cannot believe I am about to say this, but....I'm gearing up for back to school!!!!  That is a double whammy for me as it means we are heading out of the lazy days of summer, and I am frantically preparing to teach my new group of fourth graders who will be anxiously awaiting my brilliance :)

I do love to start fresh in September, a new outfit or two, highlights weaved into my hair and a good cut to see me into the winter....and LOTS of new jewelry!   I cannot say how many times I have worn an old outfit and still had people ask if it was new.  It is usually because I am wearing a new piece of jewelry along with really works.

So I am creating many new pieces with versatility and season transition in mind.  Color, texture, style...all considerations.  Then I try to figure out a way to make the piece unique and personal for the wearer.

A great transition piece can be crafted from Indian Agate, as I have done above.  It works for the hot summer days we love, and also has the richer feel of fall.

Indian Agate is a beautiful stone.  I love working with it as the colors are so diverse and they inspire creativity.  Often I actually feel the calm coming over me as I'm working on these pieces.  I know there are wonderful properties to be found in gemstones, and sometimes I really feel their full force.

Although the warmth of the tones in these beads might lend themselves to an antique gold or bronze companion, I wanted some contrast with silver.  Tibetan silver and antique silver add a more subtle edge to the bracelets pictured above, but I also included some pretty bright silver glass beads....they are very light and just adorable.  This helped to make the silver tones pop more in one of the bracelets.  It could then be included in the stack for added brightness, or left out for a more antiqued look.  I'm all about choices!

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