Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summertime Happiness

Captain's Cove Connecticut

I have had a great summer so far.  One of the major perks of being a teacher is the HUGE block of time I get to become a 'mommy' again.  I treasure the time with my kiddos more than anything.  BUT... they are getting older and much more independent.  They no longer want to paint and make clay figures on the deck, or splash around in the kiddie pool to cool down.  Heck, they don't really want me hanging around them too much at all!

So I have had plenty of time to craft my jewelry.

I did get a chance to spend some fun time with the boys when Nana came to visit from England.  One balmy summer day we explored the wonderful Captain's Cove in Connecticut.  It has a very cute boardwalk with tiny booth-style shops and the most delicious fish and chips imaginable.

I am drawn to the sea and being near water never wears thin...even though I live by the coast.  There is something so calming about it  (but I can be terrified of its might too), and the day was blissful.

Don't you just love the angle and the size of those feet?  Haha.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer too.

Katy xx