Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting Ready To Photograph My Jewelry...Supplies

The messy business of creativity!

When I begin to take my photographs, I like to gather an array of items that could potentially be useful.  While I do have my own workstation for crafting my jewelry, I don't really have a specific place to use for photography.  My budget is very limited so my main tools are:

  • My iPhone5
  • A table near a window with relatively good light
  • Morning light for said table placement 
  • White poster board
  • A glass bottle
  • Shabby Chic jewelry display shadow box
  • Necklace display
  • Bracelet display
  • Scarfs
  • Flowers of various types
  • Tape and pins

My favorite pins

I have used wooden backgrounds in the past.  Unfortunately, I don't own wooden furniture in the style I like to use for my I cheat!  I print pictures of the wood I like and use that instead.  No one seems to have noticed yet!
A clear case of fake wood!

My shadow box/jewelry display case serves as a great background also.  I can use my favorite 'Leukemia Orange" pins to dangle jewelry from; I can use the burlap as a background; or I can use the wood of the box itself, as I did with the Mother of Pearl Silver Loop Earrings below. 

Ready to use

Mother of Pearl Silver Loop Earrings
The final picture 

The final product really depends on several factors.  I have to time my shoot just right for the lighting to work.  Using natural light only is quite a challenge but it does keep costs down and I like the look of natural lighting more.

I am sure I will find more fun ways to photograph my jewelry.  I often use the plain white background  for pieces to make them really stand out.  I like to try other things, however...and find my creative juices flow when I try out new ideas and staging for my pieces.  

Using flowers as a background

The glass bottle

Just white!