Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ukanite Bracelets: Promoting Balance

I have used Ukanite in my jewelry because it is such a beautiful and versatile stone.  It has many benefits for the wearer, and the colors draw the eye as pinks and greens pop! I have created stackable stretch bracelets and can add charms as desired.  While I show silver charms, this stone works well with other metals such as gold, bronze and brass too.  

Ukanite is a semi-precious stone that  can draw negative energies from the body and help to connect the mind and soul. It is thought to provide support for those recovering from a long illness or surgery. Ukanite promotes balance in all aspects of life and allows the wearer to feel more centered. By releasing energy blockages, Ukanite can encourage the wearer to live in the present and move on from the past.