Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Accidental Bracelet Design

I am a summer lover. Once spring arrives I get all excited for the colors I love most; blues, turquoise, and greens.  I also love being able to wear white without feeling silly, (I know that is my own perception of things but I never wear white in the winter comfortably.)

My love of 'easy' led me into the world of memory wire bracelets and I have a passion for them  They look like multiple bracelets, but don't wiggle around or take ages to put on.  They also keep their shape so well...told you I like 'easy'.

This particular bracelet happened by accident...literally.  My beads spilled and the colors went together so well, despite being a pile on the floor,  and my next idea was hatched.  The only part I actually 'designed' was the addition of silver beads.  I selected silver glass beads to work alongside the rest of the glass beads already chose by default.  I usually like contrast (metal beads with wood, or glass etc.) but this time I felt there was enough going on already.  What do you think?  Perhaps I may use this design in another color too...