Friday, April 4, 2014

Summer Freshwater Pearls

I fell in love with freshwater coin pearls as soon as I laid eyes on them.  The shape…the velvety look…the fact they were not perfect!  I knew I had to do something that maintained their natural beauty as well as show them off.  I decided to keep this bracelet very clean.  No fancy frills, I just had the pearl coins do all the talking.  I added detail by breaking up the pearls with copper beads.  Their colors were a perfect match…I really couldn’t have been more pleased. 

While copper and rich velvety colors don’t usually scream ‘summer’ to me, I feel this bracelet can be worn all year and especially in the summer.  Summer means bare feet, natural sun kissed faces, beach hair and casual style with a touch of flair.  Imperfect, copper freshwater pearl coins are a perfect natural element that combines sophistication with beachy. 

Some wonderful Etsy finds that would compliment this bracelet are: