Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life After Leukemia - A Little Scare

When people talk about finding a cure for cancer, it has many meanings.  My son is not technically cured...he has to be five years clear of treatment before he is declared "much less likely to relapse".  This means every time he gets sick, I have to calmly check in and make sure it is just a 'normal' sickness.

Most times I don't overthink things.  I don't always run to the doctor.  I watch and wait for a series of symptoms to emerge.  If they do, off to to docs we go.  Today was one of those days.  My mommy gut was telling me to stay calm, but the nagging voice in my head was a little louder too.  This got louder as the nurse, having taken the history, asked if we minded waiting until our regular doctor made it in because of all the strange things going on....WHAT?   Um...yes, we WILL wait (and panic a bit).

I must have flashed back the full two and a half years of hospitalizations, radiation and surgeries in the twenty extra minutes we waited.    I remained calm and my son was oblivious...but I was a mess inside.  You see my son's cancer does not yet have a real cure, and he can relapse at any time.  I know that.  He fears it but does not know the facts fully.

The final result was a diagnosis of Fifth's Disease.  I was so happy, I almost hugged the doctor.  The office was being cautious and I appreciate that.  But we need to find that CURE!

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