Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fundraising: The Salisbury Bracelets

Last week I sat in a meeting with my grade level teaching partners, planning the curriculum and focussing on learning when, out of the blue, one ask me to make a bracelet for a silent auction at a Salisbury Seagulls fundraiser.  The charity was the Leukemia and Lymphoma could I say no?  But...the event was in two days so I had to get moving.

I'm good at working to a deadline so I headed to my supply shop and found the perfect quartzite beads in the school colors, maroon and gold.  I even found alphabet beads and a charm that would look delightful.  I stocked up an set about creating a nice design.  Wanting to give options, I made three prototypes.  My friend could pick which one and I would make three or four; one for the auction and a couple for her and her family.

My friend, Karen, literally squealed with delight at the sight of the three bracelets and announced that all three were perfect and can I have five more ready for Friday?  It was Thursday, I had no more supplies, and I had a baseball game and swimming to attend with my kids. was for the LLS so I said yes.

That same day, Karen emailed the team moms with the latest addition to the silent auction...a photo of the three bracelets that I took on my school desk.  She came to my room grinning from ear to ear...can I make 12 more?  Um...maybe?...well, I will try...GULP!!!

I cleared out the entire stock of my much needed beads in three stores that evening.  I wanted to order online but we had no time.  My hubby worked the swim shift and I was able to bead the night away with sore fingers.  The results were incredible, even though I say so myself, and I met my deadline.

But....that evening, Karen had called with an order for many, many more sets.  I was secretly wishing she had not loved all three bracelets together as a set, as I had to find the right beads for each one and that was proving to be impossible.  We ended up agreeing that the big order would be filled by the following week and I scoured the internet for the right beads and charms; the stores were out of them completely!  Eventually I found beads which were pretty close...dyed jade rather than quartzite, but beautiful and the right  quality and color.  I bulk ordered and paid for express shipping.  That was rather a large chunk of change!

Fast forward a week and I have filled my orders and all the bracelets are made.  Now I know why I like to make OOAK jewelry....I get sooooo bored making the same thing over and over again!  But, it was for a good cause and the results were amazing.  As I write, the grand total of our fundraising efforts reached $1,350.  I am so happy, all the work was more than worth it.  We are already planning our designs for next year's event...necklaces this time.  That's fine, I will have more than a week to get it all done!