Saturday, April 5, 2014

Amethyst, Rhodonite and Quartzite Bracelets - Healing and Protectio

The idea for this bracelet came from a customer request.  I have sold many Pink and Purple Bracelets with Rhodonite and Quartzite, but she asked of I could create one with Amethyst as the purple bead.  Of course  was happy to do this and delighted with the result.  Butterfly Warriors Jewelry had a new design! 

The healing properties of this stackable bracelet come from the Amethyst and Rhodonite stones. Pinks and purple tones are highlighted with natural earth-tone beads and gold accents for a stunning effect. The 6mm rhodonite semi-precious stones are interspersed with 10mm Amethyst and Quartzite beads, separated by antique gold spacers. 

Amethyst is a stone known for its protection and healing powers. It also has the power to help with insomnia and headaches. 

Rhodonite is a healing stone and clear emotional wounds for the wearer. Past traumas can be dealt with, and the heart is opened up and healed. Rhodonite nurtures love and brings out confidence while eliminating confusion. 

Rhodonite also aids in bone growth and healing organs. It is used to help those with auto-immune diseases and ulcers of the stomach. It also decreases swelling of joints and promotes relaxation and a sense of well being.